Google Android Honeycomb (Android 3.0)

Motorola previewed a Tablet running Android Honeycomb OS at the D: Dive Into Mobile conference today. Google’s VP of Engineering, Andy Rubin gave a demo of the Honeycomb OS on a Motorola Tablet prototype (the Motorola Xoom). Also, just today itself, Google Nexus S was launched by Google with Android 2.3 – GingerBread (remember the Nexus S leaked Photos ?)

Google Android Honeycomb OS is said to be an optimized version of Android specially for Tablets. Andy Rubin was quoted saying, “Google is building a version of Android optimized for tablets, called Honeycomb. The OS brings new APIs that allow an application to split its functionality to multiple views. Apps will know when they’re on a tablet.”
Google Android Honeycomb
Samsung Galaxy Tab faced some issues as Android Apps were not optimized for Tablets. In an attempt to overcome the issue and improve the user interface and interaction, Android Honeycomb seems to be built! (read: competition to Apple iPad)

Andy Rubin said that the Motorola Tablet which was used for the Demonstration is expected to launch early next year. So, we can see clear signs of Honeycomb being launched at the beginning of 2011. “Will the Motorola Tablet be the first device to carry it?”, is a question yet unanswered. (Yes! Motorola Xoom is the First Honeycomb Tablet to release)

But, still the one thing which I want an answer to is “Will Google Android Honeycomb be Android version 3.0 or just another 2.4?” It being specially created for Tablets makes it a tough contender for the Android 3.0 tag but we never know what Google would have planned for it.

Update: Google Honeycomb is Android 3.0

  • PR@AlmostlikeEverything

    This will a Good step from Google, it was expected as The Android version for tablets had to be optimised. According to it, lets see, how it evolves, up till now Android has Excelled on Mobile Platforms!

  • Praveen@Techperk

    it is Android 3.0

  • Rohit Sane

    @Praveen: Who told you that it is 3.0? No-one is sure about the name of the version, even the greatest bloggers are guessing it!

  • Swapnil

    This has to be Android 3.0, it is very obvious. the platform needed a tablet oriented version and that is exactly what Honeycomb offers.

    We know this from Andy Rubin as recently he was displaying a Motorola tablet running Honeycomb!

  • Rohit Sane

    @Swapnil: Andy Rubin never mentioned whether it will be called 3.0 or 2.4 .. He mentioned that it will contain features so that the performance of 2.3 will be enhanced on the Tablets.. So it can be 2.4 also!

  • Infigrator

    Yeah , I too agree It won’t be 3.0
    Lets see what google names in this summber.

  • Ed @ Nexus 7 News

    Wow – a lot has changed since the days of Honeycomb! It does put it into perspective though, considering it took Google more than a year from the release of Honeycomb to the release of their own tablet. Guess they weren’t pleased with the job other manufacturers were doing with the platform!