10 Reasons Why People prefer to do their Office Work on iPad

Apple iPad has always been in the NEWS since its launch. It is expected to launch in India on 28th of January 2011. iPad is an excellent device that can be used for different purposes. Today we are going to talk about why you should use iPad in your office work and how will iPad improve your efficiency and ability to manage your office work in a more organized manner. Let us have a glance at What iPad has to offer to office users for their work.
iPad for Office Applications
All time access to data
Office users often face the challenge of accessing data in different situations. An executive may have to access the data at any time. Sometimes people can’t anticipate when they will need to access particular data. At that time, they miss their laptop or computer. They wish they could access their data at the time of their choice. With iPad, they don’t have to worry accessing their data even at odd times. People facing these kinds of situations know what it means to have the freedom of accessing data anytime without any problem.

Job Prioritization
Keeping track of all your important tasks at paper notes, transferring them to computer and then to your cell phone as well, can be a daunting task. With iPad, you really don’t need to do all that. All you need to have is your iPad and through the use of built in tools like calendar and scheduler; you don’t have to remember the “transferring of tasks” to different devices at all, which also gives you complete peace of mind.

Risk free data recovery
Losing data is the worst nightmare of any office worker at any hierarchical level of an organization. iPad comes with auto save and the cloud computing option which means that you don’t have to worry about any of your data lost in case of an eventuality or mishap.

Makes you stay connected
With the social networking sites becoming a necessity with each passing day, staying connected with all people at the same time has started becoming a challenge. With iPad you can ensure connectivity to different social networks and manage all your conversations easily.

Connectivity to VoIP phone service
Many people think that iPad cannot be used as a regular phone. However, with good internet speed and a reliable VoIP phone service like Axvoice, you can seamlessly use all the VoIP phone service features on your iPad. You can even further customize your VoIP phone service usage experience by installing different VoIP iPad apps on your iPad.

Ease of use
Many times, people are not familiar with certain devices. For example, handing over a PC to a non PC user can make things intimidating for him. In businesses, training cost of employees may shoot up only because the device is user unfriendly. iPad is an easy to use device and even new user can learn its use in no time.

All time access to emails
Emails have become an integral part of today’s office work. People use cell phones to access emails when they are not able to access their emails through PCs or laptops. Readability and user experience are seriously compromised when we use cell phones to access emails. Besides that, accessing multiple email accounts or managing an inbox full of emails can become painfully slow with a cell phone. iPad assists in managing all your emails more efficiently and also gives you the freedom to access your email at anytime.

Availability of low cost and betters apps
Using the same software packages again and again due to any reason can be boring as well as annoying. You may want to have better software apps that would have better functionality or help you improve your work in one way or the other. There are thousands of iPad apps out there, which mean that you will always be available with better software when you want an upgrade. Another key thing is the cost. Usual application software for your computer operating system costs a lot. You can find very low cost or even free iPad apps for your iPad to enhance your office working capabilities.

Many devices claim to be portable, however true portability means trouble free portability too. For example, when you are using a laptop, you need some space to place it and also get it charged every few hours. When compared with most portable computing devices, iPad has much longer battery timing and battery lasts even longer when iPad is put to normal office use. Size of an iPad is also a lot smaller than an average laptop which makes it easy to bag and carry, taking the concept of portability to the next level.

Enhanced work collaboration
With portability, easy access to data, and centralized data storage facility through cloud computing, you can easily collaborate with your co-workers even at odd timings and out of the office. This further facilitates the office users for whom accomplishing different tasks in time through collaboration means a lot.

This is a Guest Post by Jenny Fellner. She is a staff writer for Axvoice, which is one of the leading hosted PBX Providers offering Business phone system to home and small businesses.

  • http://www.yourdigitalspace.com Swamykant

    The craze of Apple products also makes people to prefer it. let us see the response of Indian audience for iPad.

  • charlie mcree

    i must say i dont see many points on this list that support the purpose. most of the items here are already easily done by any good smart phone, if the point is to not jumble between products why use the one thats harder to carry around (especially since you will most definitely have your phone on you if you have your ipad). i think if you are going to be convinced to trade your laptop (which is far more powerful than a tablet and has more space)i think youll need more unique features and implementations than it being trendy or just a larger version of the iphone. (for netbooks, yes absolutely get swap them out). i cant say that aside from the product drop from the authors own paystub, did this article push anything to make me believe an ipad would be a smarter buy for me or my business.

    on the side however, i read thru with ease and even with my disagreeing temperament enjoyed reading. kudos to the author on that.

  • http://www.techfreakstuff.com Rohit Sane

    @Charlie: I agree with you to some extent, but we must completely respect the authors views. And thanks for your views on this!

  • http://getonthemap.us/search-engine-optimization Juliemarg

    I just got the iPhone 4, but my heart yearns for an iPad. Maybe someone special will get me one for Valentine’s Day.

    I do coaching and hauling around my laptop and hoping I can connect to the internet is a pain. Like you’ve said, the iPad can solve lots of problems. Thanks!

  • http://jackrabbit.com Small Business Technology Solutions

    You brought up some good points in this post. The problem with the iPad, and any tablet so far really, is that it’s fantastic for content consumption, but isn’t ideal for content creation. That’s where laptops still shine.

  • http://www.kjool.com Abe Samir

    I must say I love the IPad2, the thing is sweet, but really don’t think it can replace my laptop just yet.