Waatp: Real time Online People’s Search

What do you do when you need some information about a particular person? The most likely Answer in todays age is “Search on the Internet”. But HOW? Do you type in the name of the person in any major search engine and expect information regarding him to be displayed? This is a very lame approach..

You must try something which will reveal most of the information regarding the Person you want to know about at one place.

So, your one stop answer to people search online is Waatp!
Waatp: Online People Search
What is Waatp?
It is a people search engine where you can find a lot of details about anyone you need. You just need to type in the Name and the Surname of the person and you are showed a list of people with the same name residing at different places. The feature of searching for names by location is under development.

Then you may select the person of your choice and get more information about him/her.

The Best part about Waatp is that it is completely FREE to use and you do not need to pay any registration or usage fees to use it.

What kind of Information can I get through Waatp?
Waatp gives you a wide variety of information regarding the Person including his/her Physical Address, Pictures, Videos, Social Networking and MicroBlogging Profiles, Webpages where the person is mentioned, Blogs, etc.

Whom can I find through Waatp?
Waatp has the database of more than 200 million people and it is growing at a fast pace. Currently, only USA residents can be found and developments are underway to accomodate the entire global population. If, for some reason your Name is not found, then you can use the “Add Yourself” feature which is going to be introduced soon!

What is the future of Waatp?
The guys at Waatp are continously striving hard to add more features into this People’s search engine and they plan to roll out some important additions in near future. Among the prominent being the inclusion of seven different foreign languages so that people not comfortable with english can also use it with ease.

So, just hop-in to Waatp and let us know what you think about this brilliant service..

  • Matt

    Still saving web privacy is harder and harder, anyway if you be careful – it’s possible to not release important info about you.

    So no worries, guys )

  • http://www.facebook.com/finallyfast Finally Fast

    Despite the obvious privacy concerns this kind of thing would be awesome…if it weren’t just some Spokeo affiliate. I like that they’ve integrated a Google maps widget into the search, but it’s really nothing more than a front end for Spokeo, which is service that can provide you with a ton of information…if you’re willing to pay for it.

  • http://getonthemap.us/ Juliemarg

    Interesting — it looks to me to be a more attractive interface for the information you could always get at whitepages.com and other sites. I wonder how many people who add themselves to the database with their add your name feature …