Apple iPhone 4 to arrive in India soon

We just received a press release from a leading Telecom company in India saying that the iPhone 4 is expected to arrive in India very soon! Bharti Airtel and Aircel have already announced that iPhone 4 will be launched in India very soon (next 2 months)

We also expect such an announcement from Vodafone India that they will also be launching the iPhone 4 in India very soon.

Actually, these Companies expected everyone to rejoice that iPhone 4 is actually arriving in India, but those who are really crazy for cheap iPhones have already brought it through grey market and from other countries, so the craze had reduced.
iPhone 4 India
It seems that India has just become a dumping ground for Apple products, as the iPad, iPhone and other products come to India after 8-10 months of launching in foreign markets! Does Apple really expect a good response from Indian customers after making them wait for so long.. Frankly speaking, some guys, have already started guessing the features that will be available in the iPhone 5.

  • PR@ AlmostLikeEverything!

    Thats a Great news, But why always late in india! and yes somedays back i was talking to one of my friends in Airtel Sales he has hinted that iPhone 4 may debut on Airtel First and then On Vodafone !

  • Kashif

    I love iPhone. looking forward to its arrival in India. shall i save some money to purchase it. :)