Google wants YouTube to be Online TV

In recent years, Internet has made its way into our living rooms too. Through Media Center PCs and Consoles that allow internet usage, the web has been making its presence stronger in a place where entertainment and relaxation are our only interests. With 3D TVs & Internet enabled TVs, it became easier to access the contents of the Internet through nothing but TVs.

The Wall Street Journal have confirmed that YouTube will be joining as a competitor with other major TV broadcasters as planned by Google in an attempt to make YouTube the next TV people will stare at. Well, actually it’s more like 20 channels that will be available to watch. General categories like Sports, Arts, News etc are going to be present just like any other cable channel.

YouTube TV

Apparently, the search giant is planning to invest around $100 million on revamping YouTube to make it more suited to the living room environment. Executives at YouTube have also said that they want to make necessary changes to the site to make it more TV friendly. However, Google have yet to make an official statement about their future plans with YouTube.

Apart from Expansion, what else may be the reason for this plan? It is observed that users of other popular Online broadcasters like Netflix and Hulu spend more time watching videos than the average time on Youtube.

Youtube Traffic Comparison

Although we have seen some changes recently to the site, the general experience has improved since the introduction of quality content. The facility to allow users select what kind of resolution they want to see could be a helping step as the low resolution videos would not have satisfied the users. If WSJ report is right, there will be some other technical changes in the coming days to the most popular video sharing site.

But, definitely they have to come up with something more than technical in order to challenge regular TV channels. In addition to categorizing videos in all those twenty channels, YouTube have also acquired some regular web video makers to ensure quality engaging videos that would attract regular TV viewers. We will have to wait till that happens but the past year was very successful for them which clearly indicates a promising future.

  • Abe Samir

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