Facebook: The fastest Growing Brand in 2010

Brand value has always been considered as a great asset. Lets check out the most popular brands of the current time!

Google has lost its title as the world’s most valuable brand in 2010 to Apple but it is Facebook that has been reported as the fastest growing brand. Facebook has an upswing of 246% and was thus registered in Millward Brown’s BrandZ Top 100 for the first time. The company ranked 35th in the top with a $19.2 billion in brand value!

Facebook was followed by Baidu (141% growth) which had a $22.6 billion brand value. Wells Fargo came third (97% brand value increase) with $36.9 billion, Burberry came fourth (86% increase) with $3.4 billion and Apple took the fifth place (84% growth) and had the highest brand value ($153.3 billion).
Branding & Brand Value
Scott Sorokin from Mindshare stated that brands no longer controlled the game nowadays since they could not determine all circumstances they operated in. “Brands, historically, have managed the assets they have made in places that they own, but the future will belong to brands that manage assets that they don’t make, in places that they don’t own, like Facebook, Twitter, Social Media, etc”, he said.

Stephen Yap, Group Director for TNS stated that the rise of Facebook was just amazing. Facebook has now surpassed its initial social network role and has become a binder for communication and entertainment activities. It is turning into the main platform for consumer technology activities such as chatting, watching videos or playing games.

The Internet seems to face a new boom, as all we see around us is billions and billions. Most of the technology products that we see, from Apple, Samsung, Nokia and Google’s Android are mainly oriented on the online field. We need not look farther than today, when Microsoft has concluded the deal on Skype’s acquiring. Obviously, they are doing so in order to compete against Google Voice and FaceTime. All the competition that we currently see is slowly, but surely pushing the Internet towards the second bubble! (When do you think will it burst?)