Microsoft responds to Apple’s iCloud, updates Skydrive

Do you remember Skydrive? It is service Microsoft released 3 years ago to step on the cloud computing bandwagon. SkyDrive gives you access to up to 25GB of data storage, service similar to that of Dropbox. After yesterdays iCloud innovation by Apple, Microsoft quietly responded to this today by releasing some information of skydrive in the future of Mindows Mobile OS, Mango. (This might be one of those 500 features microsoft was talking about)

Microsoft has incorporated SkyDrive in Windows Phone Mango, so the Office documents and photos will be synchronized. From now, when you use a Windows Phone to take a picture then you can upload it SkyDrive or set it to automatically sync.

While in iCloud when you click a photo on iPhone then, it is pushed to your iPod touch, iPad, iMac, etc automatically while in Windows phone you have to upload it and then use the web app to download it. Quite similar concept but with a twist!

In other updates, you can even upload documents from Office straight up from a click of the button. Also included in the update is a new hub for Skydrive in the phone itself, which will make it easier for end users to access their photos and documents.

Here is the demo of the new update in action:

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