Now Controlling Cars is possible with your Nokia Smartphones! (DEMO with Nokia N8)

Smartphones were always expected to do smart things but it seems that Nokia has raised the bar by showing off something which would shake all the Smartphone Developers. Who would have though about controlling a car with a Smartphone?

At a DEMO given in Mumbai, Developers at Divum showed a glimpse of their next project with the Nokia N8. Using their newly developed App on the N8, makes it possible to control mini-model Cars through Internet connectivity from anywhere in the world. Just think about the future of real life Motion-sensor gaming now!
Mini Demo Cars
Nokia has started a new contest asking the consumers, “What they would like to control with their Nokia N8 device?” The Contest will end on 8th August 2011 and winners will be announced in September 2011. Drop your entries here.

It may sound pretty lame, as we have been playing around with Wireless Remote Controlled Cars since ages now. But, the distinguishing part is that the Controlling is possible over Internet and does not need any extra Hardware on the SmartPhone. (The Model Cars do have extra-hardware installed)
Controlling Cars with Nokia N8
We had a chance to have a small chat with Mr. Sunil Kumar from Divum and we threw a few questions at him. He got to our notice that they are working on proper Cars and have been testing this App on real-life Cars and SUVs. They have also achieved success with it!

He showed a few videos where a Nokia N8 is used to Control an SUV and the Steering wheel of the SUV moves according to our movements with the N8.

He revealed that the cost of the hardware used in the model cars was about Rs. 30,000 while it goes to upto Rs. 70,000 for real life cars, if this technology has to be implemented!

I don’t think, an additional cost of Rs. 70, 000 for a Car would make a big difference if we get an ability to control it from anywhere on the Earth. What do you think?

  • buzzparas

    pretty predictable, i am not shocked, the rate at which technology is growing and innovation are made,we can expect such things.
    moreover it can be considered as micro version of the technology that is used in jet fighter planes which are drived without human being.

  • Aditya trivedi

    James bond concept, this was there in iphone 2years back but hardware was costly like 2-3lac and it wasn’t safe.. Spending 60k to impress friends is really good.. Can we use other phone like android or ios or my laptop or is it only n8?

  • PC Repair Chingford

    whats the point in that, controling a radio control car with N8, no one even has an N8. Nokia make the best phones, and but crap smartphones.

  • Madras Geek

    Wow. That’s one word WOW on the rise of technology. In this rate, then anything can be possible with technology.

  • Website Design

    So, Bond is actually here!
    Enjoyed the post, will be back. :)

  • Rohit Sane

    @Aditya: Currently only N8

  • samsung tablet pc

    Technology is moving at much faster pace than even our imagination and that’s why we could see such unthinkable tasks being done by the help of a phone. As we move ahead from 20th century, which is known for computers era, the 21st century is being called as the century of nanotech and we may see big tasks easily done by small things.


    In the very close future, smart phones may have almost every functions we need. I’m very excited to see how fast they are developing.

  • omar zupdates

    Yea Nokia certainly needs such fancy stuff to sell few N8’s.

  • Mark

    I am really excited to feel the such latest technological updates by Nokia.

  • Jay

    That seems like a cool idea, but I think it is more of a novelty than any thing else. What happens if you lose connectivity while you are accelerating? Does it just keep going until the battery runs out?