Review: Norton Mobile Security for Android Smartphones

We protect our PCs with Antivirus programs, Firewalls, etc. With more and more people switching to Smartphones and Tablets for activities such as Internet browsing and Online transactions, securing these devices has now become a high priority.

What do we do if our phones become a target of vicious Internet attacks? Our mobile phones are now our primary source of personal information and hence we would always want some good security provider to safeguard this vital information. With the rise in the sales of Android devices, hackers have been attracted to the one of world’s largest mobile platform. According to reports by Norton, Android is the number One target for hackers, making it necessary for users to protect themselves from any unauthorized access.

Here is where Norton has brought out an excellent Mobile Security solution with the new Nortion Mobile Security App for Android Smartphones. This app not only sets regular virus scans but also comes with amazing new features such as call-blocking, remote lock and wipe functionality and anti-theft protection.

Downloading and Installation
You just need to go to and download the Android app. The Licence key can be purchased online as well as through a lot of retail outlets. After the installation you can enter the activation key, to get a full working version of the App for one year.

You need to set up your password which can help you Remote Lock, Remote Locate and Remote Wipe all the data from your device by just sending one SMS. You need to add upto 5 buddies, who can send a Special SMS command to your phone which can Lock or Unlock your phone in case of theft. But, it is possible only when the SIM card of the phone remains unchanged. If the SIM card is changed, this feature does prove to be of any help.

Anti Malware
This is like the normal antivirus software, but works with a great speed and does not slow down the device at all. There are options to select scheduled scanning or manual scans also. The Malware definition files can be updated with ease.

Call and SMS blocking
There are dedicated Apps for this function, but this functionality built-in this app proves to be very helpful and reduces the need for an extra app. You can add and remove various Contact numbers to your Blocked List of Calls and SMS so that you need not get irritated from undue Mobile notifications. Various configuration options are available for blocking only SMSs, or only Calls, or both.
Norton Mobile Security
Web Protection
It protects you from fraudulent web-based sites and content. Sites which spread Malware or which leak out your private information can be blocked with this feature. The only problem is that you need to work with the default Android Browser to be safe. This feature is not compatible with other Browser Apps installed on Android.

Norton Mobile Security is a very powerful app if used in a proper way, but its ineffectiveness to work with other Browsers except for the default one and no Internet enabled locking of phones makes it seem a little weak. Its Call and SMS blocking feature along with the Anti-Malware feature which is the main feature of the App work perfectly.

We would give this app, a 3.5 / 5 for delivering top class Malware protection.

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    Interesting Post. I’ve been using the McAfee version since i got my phone. Never really had any problems. Are android viruses quite common then?