Best Time Killing Apps for your BlackBerry Smartphone

Canadian giant RIM with its unique BBM service still remains to be the choice of many youngsters. But, Blackberry phones have always being known to be favorites among the working class people who have to deal with numerous Emails and important calls multiple times in a day. Apart from these, Blackberry phones have many cool features to play around with, along with a host of interesting applications..

BlackBerry Appworld lists a wide variety of useful and fun apps! When there is time to kill, there are plenty of Blackberry apps that are worth checking out. As a bonus, many of the fun time killers are also free..
Blackberry apps on Appworld
Some people need to keep on top of their social media networks. Apps like Facebook for BlackBerry and TwitterBerry allow them to make updates on the go. The Viigo App has RSS feeds with the latest sports, news, weather, celebrity gossip and the like.

For the person who loves trivia, perhaps a BlackBerry app that provides information on a host of arcane and unusual topics would fit the bill. The 5001 Amazing Facts app could be great preparation for playing along on Jeopardy! or winning a game of Trivial Pursuit.

Cute N Funny Pets has tons of pictures of critters that are, well, cute and funny. The Photo Booth app uses the BlackBerry’s camera to take four photos that display vertically, similar to the strip of pictures that would come from a real photo booth. 

The Instaphoto is similar to InstaGram which is now available for Android along with iOS. It allows the user to apply cool effects to photos. The 25 available effects can make photos look like old Polaroids, vintage postcards, retro posters and much more.

A wordsmith may want to get the NYTimes Crosswords app to get access to the puzzles created by Will Shortz. The first week of puzzles is free. After that, it is possible to renew the subscription for one month, six months or a year. Subscriptions start at $2.99. For those who prefer numbers, there are several Sudoku apps for BlackBerry, including Sudoku Super Sudoku and Sudoku Lite.

With all the fun and interesting BlackBerry apps that are readily available, there is no need to waste time finding ways to waste time. So, what’s your favorite pass-time activity on the Blackberry?

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