15 Best Free Android Games

With Android being the leading Smartphone OS in the world, the number of Entertainment apps are always on the rise. Along with Entertainment Apps, most people indulge in playing Games on their Android Devices regularly and so I am going to tell you about some coolest Android Games which you can download from the Play Store for free.

Here is the list of 15 most awesome games available on Android devices for free:

1. Coloroid: Its quite a colorful game. The game involves rearrangement of a few color blocks in such a manner that the whole page becomes of the same color. The challenge is to complete the job with the minimum possible moves. It is quite a mind boggling game and can be considered to be a 2D version of the tricky square but no less tough.

2. Jewels: Remember the game that that you used to play on those small game boxes that came to the market is the 1990’s. This game is based on the same concept but with quite a lot of difference. What happens in the game is that gems and jewels fall and you need to arrange them in such a manner that 3 or more gems of the same color and shape fall in the same row or column. When you arrange them in that way, they disappear and you earn points!

3. Parellel Kingdom: This is undoubtably my favorite Game app. The reason for this is that the game is played on a map that resembles the place you are playing the game in. Cool, isn’t it? The game treats you as a gold coin and you need to travel the given map, meeting and socialising with new people and choose among the options they have for you. The game is a good way of socailising as it allows you chatting and playing with others.

4. The Great Land Grab: This game is a mixture of foursquare features and the map tool. It can give you a reminding of parallel kingdom. What happens in the game is that your local area is divided into small pieces of land and your job is to conquer them thus becoming the landlord. Its quite interesting as the land owned by someone today gets some other owner the next day.

5. Connec Too: This is another of those beautiful colorful game apps from the android database. In this game, the player needs to connect like colored balls of all the given colors except red in order to make way for the red balls.

6. Brain Genius Deluxe: This is a nice game which is made to enhance your IQ. The purpose of the game is to answer questions in order to get over to the next round. So, its a cool app for the ones who wish to test their general knowledge. As a minor disadvantage, its a bit slow. Anyhow this becomes a positive since this will teach you patience.

7. Titres: Its has very close similarities to Tetris. Here you attempt to have as less lines as possible. The game continues on till you reach the top. And for the new guys, this is the same old game which people played on their game boxes. So, go ahead and download it. Its a nice time pass.

8. Bonsai Blast: This game is an analogy of the good old Puzzle Bobble but a Japanese one. And once again we have another colorful game with us. In this game, the player needs to guide balls thus arranging 3 in a row before the balls hit the Yin-Yang button. The path followed is curvious and becomes more and more difficult as the stage increases.

9. Frozen Bubble: In this game we have to play with colored balls. There is an arrow which shoots the balls up. The balls are differently colored. You need to make colored clusters of balls in order to attain a better score!

10. Drop: This is a must have game app. It requires your phone to have a motion sensor. The pupose of this game is to guide the direction of the balls that move on the screen thereby making them move between gaps. It keeps you alert throughout the game and helps to improve your hand-eye co-ordination too!

11. The Red Stone: This game app is a really tough one to play. The purpose behind the game is to reshuffle blocks in such a manner that you make your way to the right place. What happens is that there are a few blue blocks and a large red one in the game. You need to shift the blue blocks to make your way to the red block. Seems easy but is damn tough when you get on doing it.

12. Air Control: In this game you have an aeroplane and you need to control the landing of the aeroplane guiding it to the right place on the runway.

13. Zynga Poker: You need to login to your Facebook account to access this game. Its the same game which has been so popular on the Facebook platform by the name “Texam Hold’Em Poker from Zynga”. You can play with players who are online from Google Plus, Facebook, etc and other Networks where this Zynga game is available. To play other such games like roulette, slots or blackjack click here to head over to Ladbrokes.

14. Sketch Online: This is among the coolest game apps I have ever used. This is a multiplayer game which can be played with friends online. One needs to sketch people they know and the others have to guess that person.

15. Radiant Defense: This is the same old game in a new package and better features. In the game you need to fight with aliens and space invaders. So just go ahead and get this cool game!

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    Nice list of games, but I don’t like some coolest Android games are missing in this list like:

    1. Temple Run
    2. Angry Birds Space
    3. Raging Thunder.

    These are highly recommended Android games, played and enjoyed personally by me. These games are not very high definition, but think they nearly work in almost all the android phones.

  • http://www.imvignat.com Vignat Vora

    Good detailed list of Android Games. Angry Birds Space and Temple Run are my most favorite games. One thing I would like to suggest you is to give Play store links to the name of each game, so that the visitor find it easier to directly go to the game page.

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    All these games for only android or we can play these games on symbian phones also