Interesting facts about Mobile phones Loses and Mishaps [chance to win a $40 Amazon gift card]

Mobile phones have acquired an indispensable place in our life now. It is our daily companion wherever we go and is the most used digital device in the lives of the majority of its users.

It should be noted that due to the wide popularity of Mobile devices, the number of people whose Mobile phones get stolen or lost is also very high! According to a survey done on consumers in USA, 1 in 4 people lost or damaged their phone in 2011. That’s a very high percentage!

I want to share my own story about how I lost my personal Mobile phone 2 years back. The story may sound a little lame but its true.

I was travelling in a Taxi on my way back home from a meeting. I forgot to turn on the Ringer mode on my Phone from the Vibration mode which was activated for the meeting. I got a call from my mom to bring some stuff from the nearby market. I received the call in the Taxi and forgot to keep the phone back in my pocket. I kept the phone besides me and while getting down from the taxi, I forgot to take it back. There it goes!!

While shopping in the market, I felt as if I was forgetting something and wanted to call my mom. I put my hand in my right hand pocket and there was nothing there! That scary feeling got hold of me and it came to my realization that the phone wasn’t there.

I tried calling my phone a couple of times using the nearby PCO, but to no avail. No one answered the call.. After an hour, the phone started giving the “Switched Off” tone. That feeling of losing my daily companion wasn’t only the case; I had lost all my important information along with the contact information of my associates. Being disconnected from the world was another bad feeling which took over, leaving the environment very dull.

I am sure, people who lose the phone would go through a similar feeling and let me tell you, this feeling is really really bad!

Let us look at some of the statistics about Mobile mishaps in this world:
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Now, this will give you a rough idea about the mobile phone loses and mishaps in US and its quite likely that the number of mishaps will increase over time as more and more people adopt mobile technologies. I am sure, you wouldn’t want to have a mobile mishap story of your own!

Everyone tries to keep their belongings safe, but sometimes it just slips from our thought and we tend to misplace it. You can have a backup of your Mobile data to avoid the nightmare if it unfortunately gets lost sometime. We had previously listed some points to follow if you lose your phone or if it gets broken!

Let me bring to your notice a service called Asurion which helps you lock your phone and keep the data safe and also helps you to track and get your phone back in a few days. If not your phone, you can get a replacement device too! Now, this is something what every mobile phone user would love!

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Now, lets have the amazing Mobile Mishap stories flowing…

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  • Nikhil Bansode

    The story that i am telling might feel like it’s made up but let me tell you it’s not this is true incident and was also shocking to me and my family. Last year on friendship day my sister took my dad’s cell phone (samsung star 5) to her college so that she could click some pics with her friends, and when she was back home she found the phone was missing from her purse, we all tried to call back but the usual story the phone was switched off, me and dad went to police station and registered a complaint(the police only took the complaint for missing sim but did nothing for the missing phone). Six month went by and we almost forgot about the mishap but something very interesting happened one my sisters friend who lived in virar came to meet her and my sister found that she have the same samsung star 5 phone but was in a very poor condition the back cover was all torn and no way it looked ne similar to my dad’s phone. My sister told us but as we were not sure that it’s our phone we didn’t dare to ask her as she was my sister’s childhood friend, but we thought of verifying it we had the IMEI number of the missing phone(it was in the bill) if we could cross check that we could successfully verify that it’s 100% our phone, but i doubt whether she will allow my sis to do that. We planned and my sister called her friend home to chit chat(it is what they usually do when they meet), i told my sister how to check the IMEI no on a phone and also asked her to at least verify the last 5 digit. I was still in doubt whether she will bring the phone but what a stupid girl(she is only 17 year old) she carried the phone with her :)
    They were sitting in the gallery and me, my dad, and my mom in the room outside it just waiting for my sister to signal that it’s the same phone, and the expected thing happened the IMEI number matched exactly and my sis ran from the gallery with the phone and gave it to me i re verified it and it matched exactly. We called her and told that it’s our phone she got mad like hell and starting yelling it’s my phone how the hell you are blaming me, i told her the IMEI number matched(she was even unaware about what is IMEI number) this continued for the next 30 minute atlast i told lets call her mother she got scared and now she admitted that she stolen it from my sis purse in the bus when they were returning from friendship day celebration from college.

    Atlast we called her parents and told the whole story they were also shocked returned the money :)

  • kate

    I would consider that i was lucky to loose my cell phone on one fine day exactly 3 years back. I had to catch a share auto from Andheri station to my office and one busy Monday morning i accidentally forgot my cellphone in the autorickshaw itself. I made myself comfortable on my office desk and I thought of tweeting about my not so happy Monday morning. It was then i realized that i have lost my cell phone. I called back on the same number and it was received by a man. He said he was the same guy who was sharing the auto with me. I asked him to meet me again in the evening while going back home. We agreed and as promised we met and he returned my cell phone in good condition but stole my heart too. After that we exchanged our numbers; Then as predicted after a few days of exchanging SMS we started dating each other. And for now all we are committed and soon to tie our marriage knot. So, I am Happy that I did loose my cell phone one fine day!

  • Salman Ahmad

    I have never lost a Mobile Actually :(
    But If You want a Story then i can make it lost.:P

  • Breanna

    This infographic is very true, during holidays we often have a handful of tasks to juggle and we tend to forget our personal stuff such as our mobile phones.

  • Roberto Robles

    I know the contest is over, but I still wanna share. I was taking a shower, and my phone rang. I’ve been waiting for that call, so I got out of the shower, dried my hands and face and answered the call. Talked for about 20 seconds. The problem is that I forgot to dry my hair, so all the water from my head dripped in the phone while I was talking. When I the call ended, the phone died. RIP LG Optimus Black.

  • Shivam Khandelwal

    Nice stories guys but sadly i dont have a storu to tell :'(