Google celebrates World Photography Day in India; Special Focus given to Google+ Photos

Today, Google celebrated World Photography Day in India by bringing together professional photographers and photography enthusiasts at a special event in Mumbai. This event allowed photographers to debate and exchange their ideas on the evolution of photography from daguerreotypes to digital.

The keynote session was delivered by Padamshree Award winner Raghu Rai, who showcased his photographs and shared his experiences and anecdotes on the developments in the photography world and the transitions over the years. Google also collaborated with leading Indian photographers including Pradeep Sanyal, Sumit Sen, Prashant Panjiar to encourage photographers to embrace technology for content creation and network with like-minded photographers from across the globe.


Along with this, special features of Google+ Photos were showcased. Google has made certain changes to it’s social networking site especially with respect to uploading photos on Google+. It offers plethora of advanced features for budding and professional photographers to add effects, edit, and improve the quality of their photos. The event saw a demonstration of intelligent photo-editing features by Google.

Features of Google+ Photos:

  • Auto Backup: No wires, and no qualms if you lose your phone – Google+ Photos automatically backs up all your photos in the cloud as soon as you take them, where they’re accessible from any device.
  • Auto Enhance: Auto Enhance makes subtle improvements to your photos that help the people and places in your photos look their best. It makes subtle but worthwhile improvements to each object – removing red-eye, improving lighting, auto-contrast, etc. This will bring out the natural beauty in the people and the places in the photos. Just click the “Enhance” icon on top right corner and your photos will be edited automatically.
  • Auto Highlight: When you upload new photos, Google+ will show you a selection of highlights from your collection that makes it easy to share the best of your shots. You’ll spend less time sorting through duplicates and blurry images, more time enjoying your favorites with the people that matter.
  • Auto Awesome: The photos clicked by you don’t always tell the full story. Auto Awesome creates fun new images from the photos you add to Google+. This feature will combine sets of similar pictures into short animations, create panoramas from landscape photos, and even make group photos where everyone looks great.

The event was rounded out by a special exhibition of the work of participating photographers.