Google introduces Tag Manager for Mobile Apps offering Analytics Services SDK across Android and iOS

Google has announced a Google Tag Manager for Mobile Apps.

The availability of such a new software will assist developers in publishing their app every single time and eventually the users will then have the option to change configurations, add analytics, remarketing, and conversion tracking without updating it.Google

As seen like the Web version, the Google Tag Manager that is available for Mobile Apps is also free. Developers have the option to add tags on their native Android and iOS apps and they also can measure key events with respect to how Google does in three easy steps:

  • Users have the option to include the Google Analytics Services SDK (Android, iOS) in the particular app. The available unified SDK will include both Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics functionality during the time that it shares a common framework.
  • Option to add in interesting and important events to the Data Layer. After the events get registered, then these can be used to trigger Google Tag Manager Tags and Macros.
  • Users have the option of using Google Tag Manager’s web-based interface for writing rules and determining when these Tags should be implemented.

Based on lowdowns from Google, it has been understood that the presently available Tag Manager users will come across this Web-based interface as conventionally seen with the use of same style Tag Templates, Rules, and Macros are available for the new Mobile App Container Type. Google Tag Manager for Mobile Apps natively also supports AdWords Conversion Tracking, AdWords Remarketing, Google Analytics for Mobile Apps (Universal Analytics) tags. Additionally, it also supports custom and third-party tracking events using the custom tag.

With this release, It is believed that Google plans to ensure that developers use its own services for their mobile projects.