Micromax and Aircel enter into a strategic alliance, benefits Indian customers

With the both the telecom and the smartphone markets being highly competitive, any tiny advantages to its players goes a long way into capturing a majority market share. Keeping this in mind Micromax, India’s leading smartphone manufacturing company and Aircel, the Telecom giant have entered into a strategic alliance for mutual benefit.

Both the companies are highly excited by this partnership and are claiming it to be a win-win situation. Commenting on the partnership, the representatives, Anupam Vasudev, Chief Marketing Officer, Aircel, said, “Aircel recognizes the importance of smartphone devices to drive data usage. In line with that, it is our focus to get into partnerships with leading smartphone device manufacturers in an endeavor to bring to our customers exciting bundled products. In this exclusive partnership with Micromax, we will share their robust channel and retail network to deliver innovative and best value for money products and services.”


Micromax’s co-founder, Vikas Jain said, “We are very happy to partner with Aircel, as this partnership will be an excellent amalgamation of Aircel’s innovative offerings in the market place and superior hardware capabilities of Micromax, which will enable millions of consumers in India to enjoy seamless connectivity through affordable call rates, data usage and internet TV on Micromax devices.”

The partnership offers various benefits to the customers such as, an Aircel subscriber using Micromax smartphones will now get local calling on the both 2G and 3G networks at 1paise per 2 seconds while the STD tariffs are cut-down to 1 paisa per second for initial three months. The benefits are not only restricted to call tariffs the data usage costs has also been slashed with Aircel offering free 2GB per month data limit which again for first three months. Another significant development is on using a Micromax dongle with an Aircel network allows an extra 500MB for the first three months.

The companies will also kick-start an integrated device sales activation program in the country with the companies having announced reverse bundling handset offers worth Rs. 12,000 per month for a new Aircel customer using a Micromax device.