WoNoBo.com: India’s first 360 degree digital walk through platform

WoNoBo.com, an internet service provided by the Genesys International Corporation have developed India’s first 360 degree viewing platform. WoNoBo.com gives a first hand view of the country. It includes the various points of interest and attractions for the traveler to browse and view. The original launch will include data of 12 cities but will soon expand and data from as many as 54 cities can be accessed.

A major coup for WoNoBo.com is its tie up with Incredible India, Ministry of Tourism, Government of India in which it will provide virtual walkthrough through the most popular and visited cities and thereby adding another dimension altogether.

Commenting on the launch, Sajid Malik, CMD, Genesys International, said “Decades of global experience in the geospatial domain have enabled us to build India’s first and most comprehensive navigation platform that also incorporates social media. We are confident that WoNoBo.com will be a major value creator for an entirely new ecosystem of businesses in the years to come. We are the first urban chronicle of today’s India, having mapped panoramic imagery of thousands of square kilometres and close to 10 million places of interest across the country. We also continue to update the platform. On the one hand, this new media service will provide an innovative dimension for users to share stories and build communities; on the other, it will provide local businesses a unique platform to offer a plethora of services.”

The 360 degree view of the city enriches the experiences and highlights the color of this beautiful country. The location based software is one of the most adept present in the market which helps us to discover place to eat, shop or search various other utilities. The option to pin a particular location is also available if the location is often visited by the user.

The interior views of India’s most celebrated monuments have also been on display and the walkthrough gives you an experience close to the real thing. It offers details of about more than 4 million local business giving them a worldwide exposure and places them on the social platform which helps them grow. The points available on the site have their details extracted from various guides and expert opinions but it can also be user generated as the user can rate the location and mentions his/her inputs too.

This can be one of the breakthroughs that can impact the tourism industry in its own unique way.