Logitech G series adds G440 and G240 Gaming Mouse Pads to its portfolio

Logitech, one of the top players in the computer peripherals market added to the Logitech G series the G440 and G240 gaming mouse pads. The Logitech G series is the premium series of Gaming accessories from the company and it is responsible for a range of top quality products including, gaming mouse, keyboards, mouse pads, etc.

Speaking on the launch, Mr. Subrotah Biswas, Director, Logitech India and South West Asia, said, “We are very thrilled to bring our gamers the new gaming mouse pads with stimulating features. Gamers always require convenient range of peripherals that offer a competitive edge. At Logitech, we have always been able to provide the high-end quality and user-friendly products at competitive prices”.
Logitech G440 Hard Gaming Mouse Pad
The G series is specially developed for the gamers to give them the ultimate arsenal so that they give the best performance.

Logitech G440 Hard gaming mouse pad

Building on the legacy of Logitech G, G440 is customized for high-dpi gaming to feel the adrenaline of hitting high speeds without spinning out of control. This product is the perfect partner for your Logitech gaming mouse and is specifically made for high-dpi play styles. The hard mouse pad improves glide consistency and mouse tracking performance.  Moreover, the hard polymer surface gives the precise cursor placement. The surface of the Logitech G440 complements the full line of Logitech G mouse sensors to make great accuracy.

Logitech G240 Cloth gaming mouse pad

Like the G440, the Logitech G240 is also built to adhere to the high standards of the company. It is designed to give the appropriate amount of friction for smoother movement without hampering the gameplay. With features like heat-treated and black textile surface, mice sensors pinpoint accuracy it has been verified to improve glide consistency and tracking performance. The mouse pad is accompanied by a rubber case to keep the pad stable even after usage for long hours.

The G440 Hard Gaming Mouse Pad is priced at Rs. 2125 while the G240 Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad is priced at Rs. 1595.