UFO changing the face of Indian Cinema

UFO Moviez India Limited, a company which originated 8 years ago has become the world’s largest and only satellite based Digital Cinema network. The company has revolutionized the way in which feature films are transferred and distributed in the country. It has also reduced the piracy due to its secure technology. It has also helped in reviving the single screen industry. Most importantly, UFO has ensured that audiences have ‘First Day First Show’ access to films everywhere.

Since its inception, UFO Moviez has released over 6500 movies in 33 languages and has conducted over 17.3 million shows till date. The alliance between UFO and Bollywood especially enhances the impact the company has had over the film industry. Nowadays, UFO has a hand in over 70% of all Bollywood movies. The UFO-Scrabble combine is the only alliance in the world that offers non DCI satellite based Digital Cinema solutions as well as DCI-compliant solutions with VPF (Virtual Print Fee) deals to the global and Indian film industry.
UFO Digital Cinema
The company has made use of existing technologies and modified it slightly and used it in a novel way. UFO enables the electronic delivery of digitized full length feature films in theatres across geographies via satellite. The digitized film so delivered in the theatres can be played out for the required number of shows as per the decision of the film distributor. UFO thereby acts as an intermediary between the distributor and the theatre owner, UFO relieves the distributor of the headache of transferring the print in a secured manner and the owner is not worried about the print quality and whether it will reach in time.

The biggest advantage was the cost benefit that was provided to the distributor whereas in the earlier case, the distributor is required to physically transfer the disk to the theatre UFO charges only a minimal service charge as compared to the physical transfer of the movie. Post UFO’s entry into the scene, the average cost of releasing a film in a theatre has been in the range of Rs 8000 to Rs 12,000 (which is less than 20% of the print and logistics cost).

The steps performed by UFO from getting the print from the distributor till depositing the digital format to the theater owners are illustrated:

  • Conversion of celluloid films into digital format
  • Encryption of film Content to eliminate possibility of piracy
  • Secured transmission of such encrypted content via satellite to the desired theatre for storage and play
  • Online Licensing processes which enable the Producer/Distributor to finalize the business arrangement with the theatre owner and thereafter, instruct UFO to allow chosen theatres to run specific number(s) of shows of a film during the week
  • Ensuring secured play out of the show of the film using the Theatre end Digital Cinema infrastructure by decrypting the encrypted content of the film upon use of the license by the theater owner

The UFO has benefited all parties who has used the system be it the distributors, exhibitors, consumer and the government.

  • george

    Its true that UFO plays a major role in distribution of movies in today’s world where print (Film Box) is history.