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Blackberry launches BBM channels for Blackberry OS 5 and above

With the sales of Blackberry smartphone taking a nosedive in recent times, Blackberry is taking numerous steps to arrest the tide like making the BBM a public platform among others. Now Blackberry has announced the launch of a new platform called BBM channels. The BBM channels will be available to all users having Blackberry OS

App Review: Opera Browser Beta for Android

With the advent of Smartphones, surfing the Internet through the phone has become very common. There are various Browsers available for Android Smartphones– Google Chrome, UC Browser, Dolphin, Opera, etc. Among these, Opera is very popular choice among the users. Opera is known to be an extremely fast browser with a minimal data usage which

Apple App Store or Google Android Play Store: which one has the best games?

It’s hard to choose which app store has the best games, because both stores are appealing for different reasons. When it comes to actual games, both stores have the same games, except that often the appstore charges for games that are free on the Android Market. This is an obvious upside for Android, however Apple

Best Smartphone Web Browsers Compared [Android]

Web Browsing is an important function to any Smartphone. Every user wishes for a smooth web browsing experience. Gone are the days when you had to access mobile versions of websites. The smartphones have grown so powerful that they can access full blown websites just as one can do on a PC. To make the web browsing

Review: Norton 360 Multi-Device

Norton 360 Multi-Device by Symantec is a popular anti-virus software and internet security solution launched in 2012; more commonly known as Norton 360 since ages.  This multi-device software product has the Norton 360 Premier Edition for PC, Norton Internet Security for Mac and Norton Mobile Security for Android, iOS devices combined into one cool pack.

[Quick Review] WeChat App for Smartphones

Slowly and steadily as competitors begin to surface up in the market, the attempt to win over competitive line of forces aggrandizes with every passing disclosure. During the time that Smartphones act as existent replacements over the desktop computers, the functionalities provided by these devices intensify with the associated developments at a rapid pace. Thus,