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Apple Looks to Boost In-Car Integration of Maps and Siri in iOS 7

According to reports, Apple is planning to reinforce their project of vehicle integration with the next-generation mobile operating system. These tidings surface up through 9to5Mac and divulge about the possibility of integrating Maps and Siri provisioning them on the built-in displays which are displayable in cars. However, the other lowdowns warn that this actual facilitation

Reports disclose that Amazon has acquired Siri-Like Evi App for $26M

According to various reports, it has been brought to notice that Amazon has acquired a natural language search platform which is similar to Siri. It is regarded as Evi and with reports from hearsays it has been bought for $26 million. Previously the Evi app was available on the App store; however Apple had threatened

iPhone 6 concept video: 4.5 inch Display & No Home Button

As the rumor mill works overtime on finding potential leaks and rumors associated with newer innovations, presently we are bestowed with tidings associated with the iPhone design. Slowly and steadily as the focus stems away from conceptualizing iOS’s new version, these lowdowns are perceived with the imagination of what the new iPhone might look like.

SimCity for Mac arriving on June 11th, accompanying Cross-Platform Servers

With reports coming in from various sources, it is regarded that the new SimCity will ship on June 11 for the Mac.  As a result of this announcement gamers can purchase SimCity as a $60 digital download via Origin. This is notably EA’s Steam-like digital store, which was launched previously this very year. The game

Apple faces Siri Patent Lawsuit in China

Recently making the headlines are the tidings incorporated from the Shanghai Daily. These reports highlight that Apple currently is facing a lawsuit in China over Siri. This surfaces up because of the respective claims from the company. The company claims that Siri is regarded to be infringing on their patent rights. The resultant disclosure that

[Rumors] Disclosures of the iPhone 5S Home Button, Vibrator and Volume/Mute Flex Cable Parts

With reports flowing in from various corners, it has been disclosed that the following revelations have been telecasted releases before the arrival of the iPhone 5S. These tidings have been announced by and they display the appearance of alleged parts with respect to the iPhone 5S. These disclosures have been published by Japanese vendor

[Rumour] Low Cost iPhone would use “Super-Thin” Plastic and Fiberglass Shell in 4-6 Colors

Slowly as steadily as rumors surface up through the recent technological advancements, every day we are treated to newer insights in reference to better innovations. Along these lines, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has dispatched information regarding Apple’s low-cost iPhone. The associated tidings signify the arrival of the device having a 4-inch screen, plastic casing,

Rumors: Introduction of Wireless Charging by Apple & Samsung in 2013??

With reports from Digitimes on the current tidings, the eye-openers that present their arrival in the current itemizations are the lowdowns dished out mentioning about the prospect of wireless charging to be employed upon by Apple and Samsung in their upcoming their “flagship models” of Smartphones in 2013. This introduction is set to present wide

Apple advances making gains in the U.S. Smartphone Market share

With respect to information from various lowdowns, a series of reports highlighted a rise in Apple’s smartphone marketshare which escalated to 3.5 percentage points between October and January. The notable sources comScore dispatched these results during the time of the monthly rolling survey of U.S. mobile phone users for the period between November-January.  This rise