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How to select a good Web Host for ensuring the success of the website!

When you are planning to kick start a new online project, a website is a must! The website gives a broader reach to your project and ensures that people engaged in the project or interested people can get all the relevant details at one particular place! The website is normally developed on a local server

Editorial: About one of our past Articles

Firstly, Thanks to all of our loyal readers who have supported us all the way in making this Tech Blog a success. We are growing at a fast pace and constantly getting known for the quality content that we write. I am extremely happy to bring to your notice that we are reaching new milestones

#EpicGiveAway : Amazing Gadgets up for grabs

The 2010-11 financial year was amazing for us in terms of revenue and traffic, and so we have decided to give away some fantastic Gadgets as a part of the GiveAway. I just hope that you will continue to shower your blessings and Support on us and help grow more in this year. We

Pleasant Memories, Top Posts of 2009 and Goals for 2010

2009 is gone and we have ushered into 2010, but I just don’t want to let go some pleasant memories of 2009. It was the year when Tech-Freak Stuff really got its face in the Blogosphere. Earlier, it was just another blog with content which people would find on Search Engines. But now, people come

7 things that hindered the growth of this blog in 2009

Everyone does mistakes and its in their good to identify and correct them. I am no exception! I have done a lot of mistakes this year and I think I have realised them, I will work on them and in-turn make the corrections work for my betterment. You may be astonished to find me writing

Just a Small Editorial : I am Sorry!

This is just to inform all you guys that I have my exams going on so I am not Blogging since 10 days now. I am feeling very bad and disgraced to tell you that my Exams will go on till 6th of January 2010, and So, I won’t be finding a lot of time

Even Famous Bloggers Copy Content! Let us know How.

Being Bloggers we know how much importance is given to Original Content and Unique content! But is it really so, that all great Bloggers have unique content on their Blogs? NO! Many-a-times, even they copy content from other blogs, but they have a different style of doing it. Because of this, it often goes unnoticed

10 Blogs where I love commenting and Why!

I have been blogging since a long time now, but its been only about 6 months since I have really started loving Commenting on different blogs. In initial days, I used to spend much time on creating and gathering content, but it dint really get me quality traffic. When I started commenting, I was successful

Useful Tips for Writing Good Blog Comments

Blog comments are a major factor in deciding the quality and the authority of a blog. So, every blogger is keen to have good comments on his/her blog. But, it is to be remembered as a rule of nature that for achieving anything we need to invest something. So, for getting good comments on your