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Customize your Business Documentation with InstantPrint

Whether you have just started up a new business, or are part of a partnership that needs re-branding, there are many options you can chose to give your company the boost it needs. Marketing, Promotion and Public/Corporate Relations is exactly what you must be good at! It may just be that your company just needs

Boost your Business by Making the Switch to 0800 Numbers

Growing your business is not an easy task! You’ve worked hard to get your business off the ground.  The last thing you want to see is dwindling sales figures because customers are put off from calling your expensive telephone number or long queue times. A business telephone system that uses 0800 numbers is a great

Decrypt MD5, SHA and DES hashes successfully with PasswdRecall

Before we get into the actual decryption of hashes, it is important to know the basics of hashed strings. Hash strings are one-way encrypted strings which cannot be decoded as such. It is only possible to match the initial password to the Encrypted string and get the result. No two strings can give the exact

Get Royalty-Free Stock Photos and Vector Images at

What do you do when you are in need of some premium high quality images for your project? Most of you would answer that you go to Google Images and search for a particular keyword of your choice to get some images.. But, it must be noted that there are a lot of images which

ZipDial: Customer Service solution using a Missed Call

Success of a Business greatly depends on the ease with which it can reach its consumers. Advertising, Media, Social networks, etc are widely used means to achieve this purpose. They allow business to reach the customers however they are not very flexible the other way round i.e. allowing customers to contact the businesses. Customer response

Waatp: Real time Online People’s Search

What do you do when you need some information about a particular person? The most likely Answer in todays age is “Search on the Internet”. But HOW? Do you type in the name of the person in any major search engine and expect information regarding him to be displayed? This is a very lame approach..

Hands On: Facebook Mail (Facebook Messages/Email, the first look)

Facebook earlier had showed us the features; they were cooking something for the Facebook Mail. It was released two weeks back and one of our member have finally received an Invitation to have his hands on the new service. He is already in love with it! The wait is now over, Facebook has now started

10+ Websites to Find Diwali Messages

Diwali, the Festival of Lights is here and the atmosphere seems to be vibrant, joyous and full of colours. We always celebrated this festival by lighting lamps and bursting fire-crackers. But, in today’s times when pollution needs to be curbed, we must take the “E-route”. We can send Greetings, Diwali Messages, SMS‘s, etc to greet

Make Free International calls anywhere in the world

I know you would be very surprised to read the Title and it may sound too good to be true! But this is really possible.. You can actually make calls (to any phone number) to anywhere in the world for free using your Computer and Internet connection. This mechanism is generally known be the name”VOIP”