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Nokia announces Lumia 420 in India

Nokia has always been a leading player in the Indian mobile market, be it Features phones or Smartphones. With the arrival of the Lumia 520, 620 and 720, the entire line-up of Nokia Smartphones in India seems complete. But, Nokia being the people’s favourite in India, has announced a super low-cost Smartphone, the Lumia 420

Indian Railways bring legal charges against Samsung for copying sleeper coach names in their models

Slowly and steadily as we are treated to significant technological advancements, the ease of use facilitated by these newer, better and faster devices amazes us in their unique mannerisms. As the speculations and rumors came to an end with the impending arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S4, it has been an enthralling experience for every

Idea launches “Idea Ivory” Dual-SIM Smartphone running Android 4.0 ICS for Rs. 7,390

With the advent of technology, there are constant developments towards newer and better innovations in the current market. There are new revelations that hit the market at a high peak, while there are others that set a storm when launched. Each device has its own significance and comes with a respectable amount of features, specifications

WiFi + Cellular models of iPad Mini and Fourth-Generation iPad to be dished out in China this Friday

Every now and then as technological forces gather up to some event, there is a sequential bombardment of rumors and other stories that are linked with a specific product. This process just keeps escalating in a constant time frame depending on the particular event of the respective manufacturing giant. Recently in the headlines and acting

Economical low-priced iPhone adopting Plastic or Hybrid Plastic/Metal Design to hit the market in 2013[Rumors]

With the advent of technology the innovations, developments related with respect to newer, better, faster gadgets ascend gradually with every passing day. Slowly and steadily after a product is released, various other competitors work their way out to offer substantial improvements over the currently launched product. Thus, this helps in building healthy competition amongst the

Notification on the Facebook’s Announcement on the Smartphone & Messenger App for iPad

According to current discoveries, it is understood that an iPad compatible version of Facebook Messenger for the iPhone application is slated to be released at the January 15 media event. The idiosyncrasies that it will carry include a variety of newly developed features. The notable hallmarks that are provisioned out through the released tidings include

Nokia Lumia branded Jet Airways Aircraft flying in India and Information about Nokia Lumia “Sky Party”

Nokia’s Amazing Everyday campaign in India is already very popular and now they have taken it to a completely new level by unveiling a Lumia Branded Jet Airways Aircraft. This Aircraft is a Boeing 737-800 which is flying to various cities in India. The Jet Airways Aircraft sports a “tile interface” on the windows, similar

First Animated TATTOO: Comes to life using the iPhone QR code reader!

I know that the idea of an animated TATTOO is pretty hard to digest! But, it has been implemented, even though not in the exact literal terms. An animated TATTOO was created using an QR code as a part of a marketing campaign of a Whiskey brand named “Ballantine’s”. The QR code was drawn as

Technology inspired Gifts for your Dad on the Occasion of Father’s Day!

Father’s day is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday in the month of June every year. Its a perfect occasion for showing your love for your Dad and making him feel special. All these years, your Dad has been supporting and taking care of you and Father’s Day is the time when you must pay your