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Google Android: Its Community and Problems

Many around the world love the Android operating system, but usually not because of how great it is. Rather, they either love it because of the low cost devices it is attached to, or the many different ways it can be customized and repurposed to almost anything a new user wants. Of course, there are

GOSF: The Great Online Shopping Festival by Google India

Ecommerce is getting widely accepted by Indian customers and with a whole lot of Ecommerce sites like Flipkart, lazyNinja, SnapDeal,etc the customer has a very wide range of options to choose from. Google too, has backed the growth for Ecommerce in India and has commenced the Great Online Shopping Festival for the second year in

Google introduces Tag Manager for Mobile Apps offering Analytics Services SDK across Android and iOS

Google has announced a Google Tag Manager for Mobile Apps. The availability of such a new software will assist developers in publishing their app every single time and eventually the users will then have the option to change configurations, add analytics, remarketing, and conversion tracking without updating it. As seen like the Web version, the

Google celebrates World Photography Day in India; Special Focus given to Google+ Photos

Today, Google celebrated World Photography Day in India by bringing together professional photographers and photography enthusiasts at a special event in Mumbai. This event allowed photographers to debate and exchange their ideas on the evolution of photography from daguerreotypes to digital. The keynote session was delivered by Padamshree Award winner Raghu Rai, who showcased his photographs and shared

Infographic: How much of your Personal Data does the Internet Store?

As we ascend forward into the age of technological revolution, the extensive usage of Social Media has been a traditional aspect and been on the rise. Users are connection to others by releasing out personal data or notable information through social networking or various other means. Information disclosure doesn’t even stop after a tweet or

Google introduces the Internet-beaming balloons in New Zealand

Google today announced the launch of Internet-beaming antennas into the stratosphere aboard giant. These are considered to be jellyfish-shaped balloons focussing on the primary aim of getting the entire planet online. This was a top secret project that was undertaken for around eighteen months. After working on this project all this while, this project was

Google releases Official Glass How-To Video

With significant advancements in technology, we are dished out to newer disclosures that present their arrival in the current realms of possibilities. Google has divulged out a new how-to video clip emphasizing & highlighting the ins and outs of owning the significantly sought-after new gadgets in tech. At this juncture of time, developers & other

Samsung to introduce it’s own Waterproof phone Galaxy Xcover 2

With the progress in technology, many new inventions are on the horizon. Recently, Sony launched the waterproof tablet – Xperia Tablet Z. Going on the same lines, Samsung has decided to launch it’s own waterproof Smartphone. It goes by the name Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2. It is the latest addition to the Samsung’s popular Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy grand: A Grand 5-inch Smartphone launched as an addition into the Galaxy Series

As technological advancements heavily ascend by leaps and bounds, the ease of use facilitated by various devices continues to gather pace in the current set of various devices. Slowly and steadily as the Smartphones act as significant replacement for desktop computers, the functionalities provided on the larger screen of the handset is enough to provide