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How to hack a Twitter Account Profile?

Twitter is gaining publicity very fast and there have been a lot of people looking for Twitter Hacks. “How to hack twitter accounts?” is what is a lot of people are discussing about. There are a lot of ways in which Twitter Account profiles can be hacked. Today I will show you how to hack

Caution: Malware spreading site identified!

You may have read my last post which explains how my FTP account was Hacked and 3 of my Domains were being compromised and corrupts scripts were inserted into its source code for spreading malware and for Black Hat purpose. This is among the worse attack and many of the FTP users are being affected

Using FTP can get you Hacked! Learn from my experience, Use SFTP from now on…

Now you may ask, why this post? Because I faced it! My FTP Account was being hacked. I don’t know how but Hackers had somehow got access to my FTP account and they were using three of my Domains for BlackHat SEO and for Spreading other Malware. I was somehow saved that they did not