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10 Tools to Decrypt MD5 Hashes online

MD5 hashing is said to be a one-way hash method where it is not possible to Decrypt the Hashed string to get the original Word. But, once the string to be hashed using MD5 is indexed in Google and its hash too is indexed in Google, it is possible to reveal the original Password through

How to TYPE the Copyright Symbol from Keyboard?

Copyright Symbol- © is observed in the footer of nearly all websites, which means that the information provided in the site is protected under copyright laws and the sole authority of the information lies with the person or organisation whose name is written besides the symbol. But how do you type the Copyright symbol from

How to Rip DVDs? A graphical guide

Extreme Downloaders download Large movies as DVDrips. But these Files are just about 690-700 Mb in size and the quality is unquestionable. If you go out in the market trying to buy the DVD’s of these movies, you will find that each movie fits in a single DVD. Thus, each movie in the DVD is

View High Resolution,Improved Quality Youtube videos

Bored of those blurry Youtube videos? Why not improve its Quality by watching the same videos is high resolution. Youtube is the most popular video sharing website, but it displays most of the videos(nearly all) in a low resolution, low bandwidth mode for viewability on computers with low bandwidth internet connections. But many people with

Open Websites,Images in Blocker immune pop-up

Quite often we wish that a particular link in our Blog or website must open in a new Window or a Tab, so that we don’t loose our traffic(Website visitors). But links within the same domain or even links to other domains open in Same window. We(Bloggers/Podcasters) are at loss because of such loss of

Remove Dotted Focus Rectangle around Icons

You have come across the Dotted Rectangle which surrounds the last selected item in Windows. It is often termed as “Focus Rectangle”. This is minor, but still kind of ugly-looking environment to any Icon image. How to get rid of this annoying ugly-looking outline once and for all? The Focus Rectangle can be forgotten by

Create UnDeletable Invisible Folder with No-Name

Playing Pranks has been in by Blood. Cant help it! I wish to tell you about creating a folder with no-name i.e. blank name. An invisible folder. To add fuel to the fire, what if we can make this folder as Un-deletable? Sounds interesting, huh? 1. Create a New folder. 2. Right-click on it, then

Trojans affecting Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5 Observed

Mac OS X is known to be among the very strong Operating Systems again Viruses and Trojans.But recently Trojan Horses for Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5 are observed. Secure Mac a Macintosh Security Website has found two new Trojan horses recently and has adviced Mac users to keep their Antivirus Softwares updated. A Trojan

Keep Your Google Searches Hidden

We fear getting caught while searching Google for articles which we are not supposed to access.But we just cant help having a look at them.So,here is the way to remain secure and not getting caught after searching in Google. 1) Clear your cookies and delete the history of websites you have visited.Firefox has a good