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XOLO to launch Q1000 Opus powered with BroadCom Processor

XOLO has been on a bit of a roll lately and has released products at a frequent pace over the past few months. XOLO’s rapid rise has turned quite a few heads and Broadcom Corporation, a global innovation leader in semiconductor solutions for wired and wireless communications have announced a partnership with the smartphone manufacturer.

BenQ introduce Ultra Slim VL and VW series of monitors

BenQ, the signature name in monitors and projectors have introduced a brand new range of monitors with the launch of VL and VW series. The VL series makes its debut with the VL2040AZ while the VW series has introduced two products VW2245Z and VW2430H respectively. BenQ VL Series The BenQ VL2040AZ has a 20inch screen

AMD rolls out the new R9 series Graphic cards

AMD, pioneers of processing chips and graphic cards have rolled out their latest R9 series and launched AMD Radeon R9 270X and AMD Radeon R9 280X graphic cards. The latest R9 series have been reengineered from top to bottom with special focus on gaming. The graphic cards are designed to tolerate heavy load and give

Review: Carson LensMag ML-515 10x and 15x Lenses for iPhone 5

Apple has been successful in establishing a large market for third party accessories for iPhones. Taking advantage of this growing market Carson is out with a unique product called as LensMag for iPhone 5. iPhone camera is among the most popular devices which is used for taking pictures according to the recent analysis by Flickr.

AMD announces World’s First 5 GHz Processor for Consumers and Exclusive Hardware Partnership on “THIEF”

AMD is one of the known giants in the processors and graphic chips business. AMD was the first to cross the 1 GHz clock speed on its commercially available processors and now again it has become the first to launch the 8-core 5 GHz processor, the AMD FX-9590, giving rise to the FX-9000 family. Along

Fiber Optic Thunderbolt Cables to come into existence soon, inferred to be 30m in length

In the news and surfacing up through various dispatchments, the narrations have represented an arrival on active fiber optic cables. This mass production has been understood to be made by Sumitomo Electric Industries. The highlights surrounding this announcement is the length of the cables measuring up to 30 meters long. Additionally the beneficial aspect is

Wireless Transmission of 10kW Electricity to a Distance of 4 meters

We received an Anonymous Tip giving us an interesting piece of information regarding the demo of Wireless Transmission of Electricity in Japan. The Tipper gave us some insights along with some photos of the Demonstration. The information goes as follows.. Volvo Technologies in Japan has developed a way to transmit more than 10kW Electricity wirelessly

VisuZ allows you to have a Glasses Free 3D experience!

The first thing that comes to our mind when we think about 3D is the lively feel which creates a perception that the objects are coming out of movie screen! But, there has always been one problem which spoils the fun when its comes to 3D content consumption. The need of special glasses to watch

Next Gen Transparent and Flexible electrodes developed

As all the gadgets seem to grow smaller and smaller day by day, the need for thin-film and highly flexible material is on the rise. Due to the ever increasing demand of Smartphones touch screens, LED and LCD displays, Solar cells, etc; the need for transparent and highly flexible electrodes for creating Displays is on