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Cloud Computing 101 : Getting started with Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is fast becoming a common theme in the work place and everyone wants to have access to it. Think about Dropbox, the most used Cloud Storage service! Businesses looking to get a step ahead of the competition will always be looking for ways in which to streamline their day to day activity and

Aircel partners with D-Link to promote its 3G services

Aircel has made its lasting impression on the Indian market and to consolidate their position at the top, they have been performing strategic alliances with top companies to gain better support. Over the past year, Aircel has entered into alliances with companies like MicroMax and Wikipedia which have been mutually beneficial to both parties. Aircel

Infographic: How much of your Personal Data does the Internet Store?

As we ascend forward into the age of technological revolution, the extensive usage of Social Media has been a traditional aspect and been on the rise. Users are connection to others by releasing out personal data or notable information through social networking or various other means. Information disclosure doesn’t even stop after a tweet or

Instagram 4.1 Update allows Video Importing, Automatic Straightening, Video Support for Android 4.0

Instagram has released out a major app update with which the Facebook-owned company has supplemented certain new tweaks with version 4.1 of the app which is available in Apple’s App Store and Google Play. This has been the first major update since July, where the Vine-like video feature was introduced. And presently, with this update

Best Smartphone Web Browsers Compared [Android]

Web Browsing is an important function to any Smartphone. Every user wishes for a smooth web browsing experience. Gone are the days when you had to access mobile versions of websites. The smartphones have grown so powerful that they can access full blown websites just as one can do on a PC. To make the web browsing

Order your Next Nokia phone in India directly from the Online Nokia Shop!

Nokia India is on a roll with various marketing initiatives for its Lumia range of Smartphones, and have succeeded to a great extent. Lumia range of Smartphones have created a lot of buzz among Indians! The Indian E-Commerce industry is growing at a fast pace with a lot of Shopping portals being launched everyday. Expecting

5 Reasons You Should Start Using a Broadband Internet Connection Today

Using a dialup internet connection has been really frustrating since the advent of 3G high speed internet connection. This is due to the fact that a dialup internet connection is very slow compared to a 3G Internet connection. Many people who are still using the dialup connection are in a state of confusion of whether

“Jammu & Kashmir” and “Arunachal Pradesh” are NOT a part of India (according to Google)

We had already talked about the delay in Apple products coming to India and not it seems that Google is having the same problem. I came across this issue when I was trying to check my Google Analytics Dashboard for the traffic I am getting through India. When the India’s Map overlay page was opened,

Firefox 4 Review: Benchmarks and Usage Feel

The newest version of the Mozilla web browser, Firefox 4, went through a long developing stage, the first beta being available since January 2010. Meanwhile, the expectations from the users of the old Firefox 3.6 grew higher and higher as specially because the other developers have been very productive and the alternatives are tempting. Thankfully,