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Canon India announces its festive offers to its customers

Canon has been one of the leading companies when it comes to cameras and it is hoping to capture your imaginations with their latest products. Canon, thereby unveils two compact cameras and one DSLR ahead of its festive period to help you capture your memories. The cameras launched by Canon are two compact cameras PS SX170

Google celebrates World Photography Day in India; Special Focus given to Google+ Photos

Today, Google celebrated World Photography Day in India by bringing together professional photographers and photography enthusiasts at a special event in Mumbai. This event allowed photographers to debate and exchange their ideas on the evolution of photography from daguerreotypes to digital. The keynote session was delivered by Padamshree Award winner Raghu Rai, who showcased his photographs and shared

Review: BenQ GH 600 Camera

Everyone aspires to be a photographer these days thanks to the photo uploading feature available in Facebook and other popular social networks! A Smartphone camera is what people casually take photos with, but some people want to take one more step and be assured of impressive quality photos. With that said, a major hindrance in

My PhotoWalk experience with the Nokia 808 Pureview [Contest Details to win the Smartphone]

I was among the lucky few to have a change to play with the Nokia 808 Pureview at a PhotoWalk event organised by Nokia India. We were given the 808 Pureview phones and were allowed to try our hand at photography with it. And, without a doubt, we went all crazy with it… I got

10+ Nature Photos which can be your Next wallpapers

I had announced it quite openly that I had been to Kashmir which is said to be a Paradise on Earth. And let me tell you, it Indeed is.. I was overwhelmed to look at the scenic beauty of the Entire state bordered by Snow Clad Mountains and beautiful Gardens. I had taken my 10MP