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Review: BenQ GH 600 Camera

Everyone aspires to be a photographer these days thanks to the photo uploading feature available in Facebook and other popular social networks! A Smartphone camera is what people casually take photos with, but some people want to take one more step and be assured of impressive quality photos. With that said, a major hindrance in

EAFT Destiny D90T Tablet Review

As advancements in technology aggrandize slowly and steadily, budget products continue to become the eye-catching disclosures amongst various innovations. Along these lines, a company named EAFT Technologies is responsible for making an excellent addition to the already existent series of budget categorical tablets. The Android tablet called Destiny D90T comes with impressive specifications in an

Review: Nokia Lumia 820

Once the major forerunner among¬†cellphones, Nokia, has lost a lot of ground ever since the age of smartphones has dawned. Nokia the former leader in cellular devices was reduced to a silent ¬†spectator while other players like Samsung, HTC, Apple, etc. capture the Smartphone market. However, Nokia wasn’t going to just watch as it’s competitors

HTC One (Quick Hands-on)

HTC has recently announced it’s latest addition to the Android Smartphone lineup, the HTC One. This is the new flagship model by HTC and is packed with features. In a special HTC One special preview session attended on 7th march, HTC’s Senior Manager for Online Communications of Asia Pacific said ” The specs war for

Review: Logitech Mini Boombox portable wireless speaker

As technological advancements heavily ascend by leaps and bounds, the ease of use facilitated by various devices continues to gather pace in the current set of various devices. Along these lines that we move forward replacing technology with better gadgets, the features that can be exhibitioned on a particular device continue to amaze with every