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Top 10 Must Avoid SEO mistakes

Every mistake you do while SEOing a website may backfire heavily. It may result into the website being banned or severe dropping of rankings in the SERPs. Of course you don’t want this to happen. So, what are the causes of this problems and how can you avoid doing this mistakes? The first problem is

Google’s New Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide (September 2010 release)

Every SEO knows that Google keeps updating its Ranking Algorithms after regular intervals. Also, Google keeps updating its SEO Starter Guide, so that it can be helpful for Publishers even after when it updates some of its important ranking Algorithms. Now Google has come out with a newer version of the SEO Starter’s guide in

List of 50 High Page Rank Do Follow Article Submission Directories

Article Submissions for SEO is surely an old tactic. But the best part is that it still helps you rank for your keywords!! Most people fail to take maximum advantage of this method because they fail to find good High Page Rank Do-Follow Article Submission directories. So Today, I am going to give you my

Myths about Advertiser Competition for Keyword Analysis in SEO

Don’t be sad if anyone tells you that you should not optimize your Site for One particular Keyword. He/She may well be wrong! I have seen so many Fake Search Engine Optimizers that I feel rather bad for their Clients who are going to pay them a huge amount only to get themselves doomed. Fake

5 Important Tips for Facebook SEO

SEO has been a part and parcel of an Internet marketer’s life. Ranking high in Facebook has been a necessity if you are looking for optimizing your Online Business for Search Engines and Social Media at the same time. And to be frank, it is essential to consider both these frontiers simultaneously rather than being

Why Do-Follow Blog Comments do NOT carry much weight in SEO?

You would have seen that many blogs are turning to Do-Follow after Google’s introduction of the PageRank sculpting algorithm. Good news for all Blog Commenter’s, right?? Yeah, Good news but do not expect drastic changes in your Search Engine Rankings (SEO) even if you leave DoFollow Comments on hundreds of Do-Follow Blogs. Shocked? Even after

How to use Twitter as a keyword research tool?

I am not crazy and I know that Twitter is a Social Media tool! It sounds weird that we are using Twitter as a keyword research tool instead of our normal Google Keywords tool for SEO. But once, you understand how to go about it and how it will profit you, you will love this

How to create Good META Description tags for better SEO

When considering the Indexing and Positioning priority of web-pages in META search engines, we must understand the importance of Meta tags. Meta tags are present in the <head> section of the HTML document. One of the most important Meta tag is the Meta Description tag. This tag gives the search engines instructions on what the

My 3 Biggest SEO mistakes of 2009

After reading the title you may be wondering about how this is possible. I recently got a PageRank hike of 2 and 8 Google sitelinks, then how come this would be possible if I did some SEO mistakes. I have improved on some mistakes but I will let you know about them. We can do