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Google celebrates World Photography Day in India; Special Focus given to Google+ Photos

Today, Google celebrated World Photography Day in India by bringing together professional photographers and photography enthusiasts at a special event in Mumbai. This event allowed photographers to debate and exchange their ideas on the evolution of photography from daguerreotypes to digital. The keynote session was delivered by Padamshree Award winner Raghu Rai, who showcased his photographs and shared

Infographic: How much of your Personal Data does the Internet Store?

As we ascend forward into the age of technological revolution, the extensive usage of Social Media has been a traditional aspect and been on the rise. Users are connection to others by releasing out personal data or notable information through social networking or various other means. Information disclosure doesn’t even stop after a tweet or

Notification on the Facebook’s Announcement on the Smartphone & Messenger App for iPad

According to current discoveries, it is understood that an iPad compatible version of Facebook Messenger for the iPhone application is slated to be released at the January 15 media event. The idiosyncrasies that it will carry include a variety of newly developed features. The notable hallmarks that are provisioned out through the released tidings include

Facebook Facial Recognition: More privacy concerns arise!

Facebook has been talking about introducing the Facial recognition feature to all the accounts after testing it with selected users. And they have already started enabling this feature on more and more accounts. What does this feature do? And, Why are people talking about privacy issue regarding it? This feature suggests TAGs to photos which

Open Letter to Facebook: Make Facebook more Secure and private

There was always a lot of buzz regarding the Privacy issues regarding Facebook Profiles. Sophos, a web security company, has sent an open letter to Facebook officials regarding information safety and confidentiality of one of the most popular social network. They came up with this, as they receive reports of crime and fraud on Facebook

Facebook plans to launch Facial Recognition soon

Facebook has established its name and position as the most successful social networking platform over the past few years(Dont forget to Join Us) The website’s basic functions remained almost the same since the beginning, with occasional changes. But in the recent years they have been modifying the layout and adding add-on features to the comments

Buzzom: A complete solution to your Twitter Account Management and Analysis

If you are into any professional business and want to use Twitter as a business tool, you would know how difficult it is to manage all the aspects manually! Just imagine if all your Twitter and other Social Media needs including Facebook and LinkedIn get sorted out easily without you taking much efforts; Wouldn’t that

Tips to Get more Targeted Twitter Followers (Free and Fast)

It wont be a secret to disclose that most of the Twitter users want to have a large follower base! Twitter is increasingly being used as a Business tool for marketing and Promotional purpose, so having a large and Targeted follower base on Twitter is the need for all the Internet Marketers. So how can

How to Ignore people on Twitter? (without they knowing it)

It may so happen that you are forced to Follow a particular person on Twitter who keeps tweeting about non-sense stuff and you are not at all interested in knowing his/her activities. Getting updates of such people on your phone (via SMS) is very irritating. So, Is there any ways of blocking the updates of