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Adsense on Auto-Blogs or Copied Content will lead to a Ban!

It is noticeable that most of the newbie bloggers have the only intension of Earning Money by Blogging. They do not care about giving any value to the readers. As, Adsense is the major source of Income for majority bloggers, They start copy-pasting articles from other Sites and insert the Adsense codes on their sites.

List of 25+ New tags introduced in HTML 5

Even though HTML 5 has not been a W3C recommendation yet, its is good to start understanding and working with it because it is the the Future of Web Designing and Development. HTML 5 has brought in some cool new features like embedding audio, video, graphics, client-side data storage, and interactive documents in the Web

15 old HTML tags not supported by HTML 5

HTML 5 has brought in a new generation of web-pages and now we should move ahead and forget some past things which we used to do regularly. I am in no mood to confuse you so I will directly come to the point! HTML 5 has included a lot of new Tags which I am

Tech-Freak Stuff has moved to a Premium Web-Host after a poor time at a Free Web-Host

Its been about six months my blog been on a free web-host and I thought that it was the right time to move to a premium host. I have been getting a good response from all you guys and it has made me take this step. Now firstly, you may ask, why did I opt

Server2Go: A Portable Web Server

When we use the word Server, most of us are reminded of those High-End machines which can process information like supercomputers. How about carrying your Server in your pocket? Now you have a portable web server that can be run from any storage space in a Windows environment. It can be used from USB devices,

Submit your Website to 100 search engines

Search engines are the major source of traffic to Blogs and Websites. Direct traffic is very rare unless your website is super-famous like Yahoo.com or Youtube.com. Also these days there are a lot of search engines coming up and many people use those. So, for proper optimization of your blog and publicity, we cant neglect

Find & Fix Broken Links on Websites

Wanna find and fix Broken links on your Blog or Website? It becomes quite irritating when we encounter broken links on any webpage. It is necessary to avoid broken links in order to keep visitors of the website happy and ensure that search engine rankings do not get penalized because of too many broken links.

Trace a Website or Server Route from Computers in Different locations.

Its a common misconception that when we enter any web-address, we directly connect to the server which hosts that webpage. In fact, whenever an webpage is requested, the request passes from different servers and finally reaches the destination server where that page is located. So it is important to know, which servers are functioning better

Track Ad-Clicks Without Google Analytics

There was always a need to know, How to track Google Adsense Clicks?, How to get Google Analytics-type data for our Ad clicks?, How to track clicks on all links in any web-page?, Who, From Where and When clicked on any of your Ads?. Even though this data would appear crap for amateurs, it is