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Make Right Click as the Default Mouse Click

I don’t know why my Computer Mouse has started behaving in a weird way. It has partially stopped working! Even though the Right Click and the Middle Click functionalities are working pretty well, the Default Click which is the Left Click has stopped working! I cleaned it and checked this Mouse at my Friend’s place

Some Cool Notepad Tricks for Windows PCs

Windows PCs have a text editor named Notepad. Everyone knows about it and I am not going to say anything new. The new things which I am going to say is about playing and have fun with Notepad applications. Notepad can be used as a fun Application too and it shows some weird behaviors too..

Learn: How to play a Video as your DeskTop Background like a Wallpaper

Are you bored of those static images on your Desktop Background? Do you feel the need to use a Video in its Place? Ok then, I will tell you how you can do it! Just do as I say and you will have a cool video playing as your Desktop wallpaper. Let me tell you(most

How to Move Cursor / Pointer without using a Mouse?

It happens a lot of times that your Mouse Freezes (i.e. it gets stuck and the cursor does not move) or does not respond properly. In this case we don’t have any other option than to wait till the mouse starts responding or hit the Control-Alt-Delete combination. You can also check out our Guide to

Convert any Folder into My Computer or Recycle Bin

There are many Windows Tricks around and you may see people using such tips to play pranks on others! Its a lot of Fun to see someone totally confused about a Computer problem and then we can tell them that we just played a Crazy prank on them! The Prankster and the Pranked both laughing

Vista’s AERO effect for Windows XP [Glass and Blurr]

How about Giving your Windows XP, the Windows Vista look? NO NO, I am not talking about the Windows Vista transformation pack or the Windows Vista theme for Windows Xp. I am talking about adding the Aero effect(or Interface) to windows in Xp. Remember the transparency effect in Windows Vista?(see the picture) Yes! Just like

Create Password Protected Folder (Folder-Lock)

There are always some things which we don’t want others to see in our Computer, Example: private photos, porn films, secret documents etc. So we need to hide them. Just attributing the Folder which includes these Files as HIDDEN does not serve this purpose because these days every person knows to view Hidden files. So

ReActivate Windows-Xp after fresh Install

Is your Computer full of Viruses or Spyware? Do you need to get back to work urgently without much trouble? You have no other option than formatting you PC and Reactivating the Operating System(Windows) again. But You can surely save your Reactivation time for Windows if you are using Windows Xp. It is possible to

Free Technical Support From Microsoft For All Windows Vista-SP1 Customers

There are many nagging issues with Windows Vista. Sometimes some drivers don’t work and we are left with useless hardware. Also, there are complains regarding many software programs and hardware devices stop working after upgrading Windows Vista to Service Pack 1 (SP1). Also, help might be needed when we are trapped mid-way in Windows installation.